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Never before has a non-custom made orthotic been packed with so many features: 6 zones of support using impact absorbing technology. Sole Revolution orthotic insoles don’t just relieve foot pressure, they help to stimulate the brain by increasing proprioceptive nerve input as you move. (1)

This is achieved by creating a trampoline effect enhancing the movement of the arches through their range of motion. Stability is enhanced through support of all 3 arches in the mid foot as well as the first metatarsi-phalange joint –  just as nature intended, providing a good foundation for the whole kinematic chain. (2) This design is important for coordination. (3) Sport (4) (5) reduce low back pain (6) reduce hip and knee problems (7) and to help reduce the risk of falls in the elderly(8).

A recent study that reviewed foot scan results of over 800 people revealed over 95% of adults have at least one dropped arch in the mid-foot – which corresponded with reduced stability in over 90% of these. Interestingly less than 35% of those with reduced stability recorded any foot pain or discomfort. Sole Revolution orthotic insoles address chronic foot pain, knee pain, low back pain, and plantar fasciitis. They are also for the 90% of the population who demonstrate a lack of stability from dropped foot arches.

How this works: by preventing the 3 arches in the mid foot from collapsing, this provides physical stability for the kinematic chain. By using the specific materials for the arches, this enhances proprioceptive nerve input to the brain as we walk, which in turn increases synaptic stimulation and brain activity.

Several researches have found little difference between the use of custom made orthotics and generic orthotics for reduction of plantar pressure (10) and even fall prevention in the elderly (7). During the years of development and clinical testing for Sole Revolution orthotic insoles were also found both were equally as good at enhancing stability of the body through correct arch support.

If you are looking for clinically tested, research based orthotic insoles that gets great result for a fraction of the price of custom made orthotics, Sole Revolution have exactly what you need.

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