Sole Revolution – Luxury Orthotic

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Sole Revolution Luxury orthotic inserts have been developed to accommodate the slimmer fitting “dress shoe.” Like our popular Performance orthotics, the Luxury line was developed by a Chiropractor with over 20 years of clinical and practical experiences.

The luxury orthotic inserts provide all the support of the Performance line:

– with a shock absorbing heel strike zone
– all 3 mid-foot arches supported
– along with the 2 first metatarsal supports for that extra support when standing and during the toe off phase of gait.

Although a large portion of the population suffers from pronation, most people don’t know this condition of the feet cause multiple problems throughout the kinematic chain. From the ankle all the way up to neck, pronation can lead to pain in every joint, muscle, tendon, and ligament. When our feet, which are like springs, begin to lose their arches they also lose the ability to shield our bodies from destructive forces.

The luxury line has a leather top layer, with the support material being durable whilst still giving the spring like reaction that enhances neurological stimulation to the bottom of the feet.

The luxury orthotics are ideal for this occasions where heels need to be worn, some adhesive tape may help secure them in place. You can also trim the front edge to shape most fashion shoes available today.

Sole Revolution orthotic inserts address chronic foot pain, knee pain, low back pain, and plantar fasciitis.

NOTE: Sizes 35-36, 37-38, and 39-40 are Women’s Slim Fit.

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35-36, 37-38, 39-40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-46