About Sole Revolution Orthotics

Sole Revolution is an Australian owned orthotics company based in Granville in NSW. Dr Bruce Whittingham – Chiropractor, and his wife Sophia Whittingham – nutritionist, clinical hypnotherapist and wellness coach invested heavily in designing and producing the Sole Revolution orthotics. It started due to the poor condition of Dr Bruce Whittingham’s foot arches. In fact he has what is jokingly referred to as pancake feet. This came about after having run two marathons as a teenager, and soon after this he began to develop shin splints and knee pain when he ran. When he began standing for hours per day at work, he was increasingly plagued by low back pain – which was not great considering he was a Chiropractor who was performing adjustments, doing stretches daily and having massages. Over the years he had many different types of orthotics, some were custom made from casts and scans, others were generic from chemist and sports stores. They helped to a degree, but the problems still remained.

Having researched into greater depth, he realised that all of the orthotics he had used concentrated primarily on the medial arch, a few had some support for the anterior arch but none supported all three arches in the mid foot. This was quite odd when you consider that any search regarding arches of the foot that showed the anatomy of the foot clearly show three arches in the mid foot.

Along with this, from a functional perspective of the feet, we go through 3 phases of gait: Heel strike where a large amount of shock needs to be absorbed, mid stance where the 3 arches give us stability and toe off which is where we propel the entire body.

We realised that most orthotics available look at the foot from a static/positional perspective – where they try to hold your foot in a position. This does not encourage function, which is where the problem starts, and goes on to affect other parts of the body including knees, hips, low back and spine.

This is when they began the task of designing, testing and producing what is now considered to be the most advanced foot support system in a generic orthotic available on the market, at a price everyone can afford.