Neurological Input

Sole Revolution orthotics offer a unique 6 points of foot support, developed by a Chiropractor with over 20 years of clinical experience. They can be worn instantly and are a fraction of the cost of the custom orthotics available on the market today.

Scott Mark

Crossfit Leonidis Owner/Trainer
  • Previous back injuries/surgery
  • Back pain subsided on started using Sole Revolution
  • Hips aligned properly
  • Gained more power
  • Big lifting improvements & PBs
  • Faster running

Shelley Joy

Crossfit Enthusiast & Business Owner
  • Active Crossfitter
  • Shin splints disappeared
  • Improved strength
  • Training PBs achieved
  • Better balance
  • Overhead form improved

Dion Hamilton

Crossfit Trainer
  • Top 200 World placed athlete
  • Crossfit Trainer
  • Lifts improved with Sole Revolution
  • Overhead Squat improved by 15kg
  • Back Squat improved by 10kg
  • Clean improved by 10kg